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VEP1 - Update-engine changes

Summary: Update-engine changes to make for unsigned, incremental updates; and to reduce the number of partitions modified.

Authors: Randall Maas

Description of the changes

Motivation: Building a new, experimental development release is not possible with an stock update-engine:

  1. We can't create an OTA file for unmodified production, development and OSKR bots, as it needs to be signed in order for the update-engine to apply it.

  2. The OTA update is very "heavy weight" -- it needs to update the boot and system files systems (with a 200+MB file!) just to change a couple of files.

This enhancement changes the following to the update engine:

  • remove signing check of the manifest, update files
  • Allows replacing individual partitions, esp just the system file system; usually it replaces several at a time
  • Allows using tar to update the contents of the system file system
  • This is not recommended since it doesn't get the permissions right


  • none at this time


  • the tar based updating of the system file system doesn't always work as expected, since the busybox tar doesn't preserve permissions
  • it is tricky to create a tar file
  • there is no undo for a partial update
  • this probably doesn't disable delta updates properly, so if a delta update were to be issued, we'd need a way to make sure it doesn't mess up the FS.


  • it works well (except the system fs file-only changes), I believe that Wire has used this or a modified version
  • I am considering other changes to support package-based updates to the file system, to better address the above issues.


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