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This is for notes on how to customize or personalize Vector.

See also: the forums

It might be thru configuring the software and files:

  • Sounds
  • Body movements
  • Eyes
  • Colors?
  • PNGs on face
  • Backpack lights
  • Cube lights
  • Other custom animations

Or it might be physical changes, and tweaks that are distinctive and identify

.. Link to a showcase ..?

Customizing animations

  • animation  of eyes
  • body movements
  • boot animation

People would love tools to gen the animation file… but I suspect that may be hard. The presentations made it sound like it was a lot of Maya rigging and plugins for the export.. but since   Maya is expensive, and hard.. 

Maybe a Unity model tool could be made with a rigged model of Vector? and such for I suspect the value vs effort isn’t there for such a specialized area, but who knows?

Tools for generating animation files.

What about mixing-matching existing animations, and adjusting them slightly?

Boot animation draft

Vector shows a boot animation at startup. This is located in /anki/data/assets/cozmo_resources/config/engine/animations/boot_anim.raw and it can be swapped out easily.

Digital Dream Labs has made a Python script which makes it easy to turn GIFs into animations very easily.

DDL official instructions

  • A working installation of python with the Pillow package installed.

  • An animated .gif with a resolution of 184x96 pixels

  • The script to convert the .gif to a raw image.

  • Convert the .gif to a raw image: python bootscreen.gif This will create a new file bootscreen.gif.raw

  • Mount the filesystem for writing. Here we’ll do that from the host system: ssh root@ "mount -o remount,rw /"

  • Use scp to copy the file in to place: scp bootscreen.gif.raw root@

  • Reboot Vector from the host system: ssh root@ "/sbin/reboot"


Behavior tree crafting

There are many json files in /anki/data/assets/cozmo_resources/config/engine/behaviorComponent/. Maybe have some examples of edits of those?