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Victor DVT4

"Victor DVT4" prototypes are the last of the Design Validation Test batches for Vector.

These look just like production Vectors, and the circutry is final.

There are a couple software differences though:

  • No unlock OTA have been found for a DVT4.
  • Many are prod locked, and can only download firmwares like 0.10. We don't have these OTAs.

The body board in these are normal and can be used as a replacement for a normal Vector.

These have serial numbers following this format: 00e1####

Some of these bots may boot up to an exclaimation point. Turning them upside-down then double (or triple) pressing the button will let them finish bootup. Then, you can shake them around to make them explore around.

Anki Victor DVT4 Orange Boot

Anki Victor DVT4