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Abbreviation / Acronym Phrase
jwt JSON web token
DVT Design Validation Build, used for testing the robustness of the design, emissions testing, development and so forth.
PII personally identifying information
PVT Production Validation Test build; Essentially practice builds, as good as production (or close).
sts security token service


Term Description
behavior A structure on Vector to represent and manage a potentially complex task that might involve animations, changing his emotions, path planing, driving, and so on. It is also used on the EscapePod as a catchall for utterances and how they are made into an intent.
intent An intent is a structure with an internal code that is used to represent the how to respond to the phrases spoken by a person. It may represent the action requested, an answer to a query, or an action that emotionally responds to what was said.
JSON web token
property name The name of a key in the structure; also called a field.
security token service
structure A table of property names (aka field, or key) and the value associated with it.
utterance What a person said, and in the context of this article, the transcription to text of what the person said.