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Mandatory physical reactions

Summary: Reactions to physical circumstances that can't be skipped.

Mandatory physical reactions Figure: The mandatory physical reactions behavior tree

The MandatoryPhysicalReactions is used to react when Vector is:

  • On his side, face, or back
  • Encounters a cliff
  • Is stuck on cliff edge
  • Needs to calibrate the head or lift motors
  • Some interaction with being held in the palm of a hand
  • Is falling or is being picked up
  • Is on a slope
  • Is being moved around

The behavior file is located at:


For the most part, the MandatoryPhysicalReactions provides a way to prioritize the internal C++ implementation; most of these behavior references do not link to other behaviors or animations.

The only one of interest is ReactToRobotOnSide which initiates AskForHelpOnSide behavior to call for someone to come and help.

  • ReactToCliff has configuration for how fast and far Vector backs up in responds to a a cliff.
  • ReactToUnexpectedMovement has configuration for how fast and far Vector backs up when he experiences being moved by someone; as well as how much he can respond.

Change history synopsis

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2020-12-1 Created