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In a fall, Vector’s lift arms may pop apart. This was an intentional design to prevent them from breaking.

Broken lift gear

From Discord:

Sometimes, when Vector or Cozmo take a particularly unlucky fall, the force of impact is transferred from the arm into the gearbox. There's a repair that works about half the time: You need to remove the arms, rotate the lift gear 180 degrees (you can use the arm as a tool to do this), and reinstall the arms. When this works, it's because you're moving the broken gear tooth out of the way, and using the "other half" of the gear teeth.

Cozmo and Vector have the same basic arm design and arm disassembly/reassembly is one of the safer operations you can perform.

To disassemble:

  1. "Pull at the upper set of arms at the shoulder (the joint where they connect to the body, in back). Pull hard enough to pop both off their joints.
  2. "Tilt the lift up - higher than it normally can, over the head.
  3. "When the lift is high enough, you'll find a point where you can pull gently on the lower arms and they'll pop free.

Reassembly is the reverse of the above. The important thing to notice during disassembly is that the lower arms have a certain angle where they easily come out. You have to use that angle to pop them in and out. If they are not coming out/going in easily, the angle is not high enough or too high.

Spare parts

Anki Vector Lifting Forks by Dauler July 05, 2019

3D Model .stl Vector Robot Lift Forks FDM and Resin Models DesignsByDauler