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Disassembly notes


  • Avoid shorting anything
  • Wear gloves
  • Don’t disassemble / move the time of flight sensor & window
  • Don’t disassemble / move the camera and its lens/window

See also iFixit's services guides for Vector

Avoid Shorts, disconnect the battery

Tip from Discord:

Take care to avoid shorting anything while the battery is connected. I had a habit of desoldering the battery's positive lead as soon as I could reach it, before pulling the guts entirely out of the robot - just to avoid damage.

Wrap the end of the positive lead in electrical tape to seal it off, and be sure that it gets no where near any of the electronics.

Wear gloves

Wear gloves to keep fingerprints off of the inside of the camera lens and time of flight sensor lens.

Tip from Discord:

Sometimes a fingerprint or smudge on the [time of flight sensor] window can mess it up.

That can be hard to clean, especially if it is on the inside. Nitrile gloves can help prevent this.

Don’t muck with the time of flight sensor

Tip from Discord:

Disassembling a Vector can cause a change in the relationship between the [time of flight] sensor window and [time of flight] sensor behind it. Any change like that requires re-calibration.

And we can’t recalibrate.