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FAC (Factory) Mode

Vector has a "FAC" mode, used in the factory to test and calibrate the robot. When in FAC mode, the display has a red background, with either the letters "FAC" displayed:

FAC face

Or one to two digits displayed. These appear to be calibration errors (makes sense since we don't have a playpen to calibrate them with).

FAC number

And his backpack lights have an unusual color pattern – red, green, and blue:

This mode is never intended to be seen outside of the factory, so little is known. Only a couple of units have been found in this mode; one after it had been intentionally damaged, and its calibration & EMR data were corrupted or inaccessible. In all likelihood, the software checks its EMR to see if it has been released; if not, it enters the FAC mode at whatever the "next" stage is according to the EMR. At that point Vector expects to be placed into manufacturing test fixtures, such as the playpen.

If you see a normal Vector in this mode on a place like eBay, it is recommended you don't buy him. The software he is running is still 0.9.0 recovery just in a different mode and there aren't any dev things open.