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Start up behavior

Summary: The initial startup behavior that kicks off normal operation. (These are self-maintenance behaviors)

When Vector's application starts, it looks up a top level state to kick off the initial behavior -- has the robot been tested at the factory? Has the owner gone thru on boarding? And so on.

This behavior is the root of the behavior tree that Vector will use. There are 7 of these broad, top level states:

  • PR demo
  • Factory test (e.g. the playpen tests)
  • Acoustic testing
  • On-boarding
  • Post on-boarding
  • Normal
  • Developer

Note: when Vector exits the Customer Care screens, it resumes operation by re-running the top level behavior.

Mapping to the initial behavior

These top-level states are mapped to initial behavior using victor_behavior_config.json

startup behavior diagram Figure: The start-up behavior tree

(In a few cases the mapping is hardcoded in the software.)

In normal operation, this is the InitNormalOperation behavior. The behavior file is located at:


Walk thru of the InitNormalOperation behavior

When the InitNormalOperation (class DispatcherStrictPriorityWithCooldown) behavior first starts, it does a one-off run of a NormalWakeUp behavior. This behavior is not run when InitNormalOperation is started again later. (For instance, it is run again when the Customer Care screens are exited.) This one-shot execution is acheived by using settings its cooldown timer to a period that is infinitely long.

The NormalWakeUp (class AnimSequence) behavior checks to see that it is not night time, and not a maintenance reboot. It isn't, then it triggers the InitialWakeUp animation group. The animation affect Vectors eyes, head angle, backpack lights, and sounds. (There are not any other movements). This behavior file is located at:


After this it defers to ModeSelector behavior for the top level, prioritized behavior dispatch.

Other variations

There are three other animation variations on Vector that are currently not used:

  • anim_power_offon_02
  • anim_power_offon_03
  • anim_power_offon_04

Change history synopsis

Date Change
2020-11-29 Created, setup format
2020-11-30 Added file references
2020-12-1 Moved some intro material to behavior tree