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Sound Parameters

Vector's sound engine is designed to give a more life-like quality to his sounds. It does this by varying the sounds it plays when an audio event is received by the audio engine. Instead of playing a single, fixed sound file, a sequence of semi-randomized sounds is played. Some events have many possible sequences that could be played. The audio engine selects the sequence based primarily on Vector’s current level of stimulation.

Input parameters (inputs from the animation system and engine)

Audio parameters are settable values passed to the audio engine, guiding it in how it selects and plays the sounds. (These are called "game parameters" in Wwise parlance.) Vector mainly uses these to adjust the sounds based on his current mood and activity. Like the action, these parameters are on a per object (within the audio engine) basis.

The sound engine is connected to the high-level state of the other major robot sub-systems, so that the sounds could reflect what Vector’s body is doing, his mood, emotional state, level of stimulation, and even to respond to the environment. Although many parameters are provisioned in the soundbanks, only few are used: they were too hard to get right.

The parameters linked to the emotion state & mood:

Parameters Id Description
Robot_Vic_Confident 2193267925 This captures the emotion dimension "confidence"
Robot_Vic_Happy 1391855411 This captures the emotion dimension "happy"
Robot_Vic_Held_Trust 1255095877 This captures the emotion dimension "trust”
Robot_Vic_Purr_Level 3113529605
Robot_Vic_Social 240199822 This captures the emotion dimension "social"
Robot_Vic_Stimulation 651061178 "This stimulation variable is a distillation of all possible environmental affects Vector experiences. For example, ‘hey Vector’ or touch automatically triggers a 1.0, getting stuck drop the stim to about 0.5, etc. .. We adapted the audio system to gradually lower in probability and volume as the stimulation level lowered. The goal being that active Vector users get a more lively sounding robot, and Vectors left on but not being interacted with wouldn't be so chirpy." (Ben Gabaldon)

The parameters linked to the body’s posture and movement:

Parameters Id Description
Robot_Vic_Head_Accelerate 2691629051 How fast the head is changing speed.
Robot_Vic_Head_Position 1549905781 This captures the heads position: where it is looking.
Robot_Vic_Head_Speed 4244799613 This is linked to the speed that the head is moving at, and the direction it is moving in.
Robot_Vic_Lift_Accelerate 1685856300 How fast the lift is changing speed.
Robot_Vic_Lift_Position 4014791842 This is the position of the lift.
Robot_Vic_Lift_Speed 2317283412 This is linked to the speed that the lift is moving at, and the direction it is moving in.
Robot_Vic_Tread_Accelerate 496587279 How fast the treads are changing speed.
Robot_Vic_Tread_Speed 724346585 This is linked to the speed that the treads are moving, and the direction they are moving in.
Robot_Vic_Tread_Spin_Speed 3313708352 This is linked to the speed that the robot is spinning, and the direction it is spinning in.
Parameters Id Description
Dev_Squawk_Volume 847280258
Dev_Tone_Freq 2324555758
Event_Volume 3530059848
External_Shape 1292394150
External_Speed 732885492
Robot_Alexa_Volume_Alerts 522470314
Robot_Alexa_Volume_Master 3289463297
Robot_Vic_Environment_Ambient_Volume 344494516
Robot_Vic_How_Old_Speed 4000308525
Robot_Vic_Meter_Bus_SFX 1248968661
Robot_Vic_Meter_Bus_TTS 913563323
Robot_Vic_Meter_Bus_VO 3946120957
Robot_Vic_Planning 954718164
Robot_Vic_Screen_Shift_Interpolation_Time 1775375659
Robot_Vic_Sdk_Volume 995643170
Robot_Vic_Shaking 2064796514
Robot_Vic_Timer_Countdown 165240122
Robot_Vic_Volume_Animation 1008373634
Robot_Vic_Volume_Behavior 359550870
Robot_Vic_Volume_Master 1036978186 This is linked to the volume preference setting, controlled by the mobile application (or SDK).
Robot_Vic_Volume_Procedural 346758509
Ss_Air_Fear 1351367891
Ss_Air_Freefall 3002758120
Ss_Air_Fury 1029930033
Ss_Air_Month 2648548617
Ss_Air_Presence 3847924954
Ss_Air_RPM 822163944
Ss_Air_Size 3074696722
Ss_Air_Storm 3715662592
Ss_Air_Timeofday 3203397129
Ss_Air_Turbulence 4160247818

Derived sound settings

Many events trigger a sound which is made of a sequence of smaller sounds. In some cases there are several possible sequences, selected by a switch setting.

Those inputs above are smashed and mashed down into a switch setting, that the sound banks used to select from different sound alternatives. A switch, for those familiar with software, is a variable that has an enumeration type. Except that, in Vector’s sound banks, the enumeration is unique in each case.

Parameter Switch States Ids Description
Robot_Vic_Head_Speed Robot_Vic_Head_Direction_Down
Robot_Vic_Lift_Speed Robot_Vic_Lift_Direction_Down
Robot_Vic_Screen_Shift_Interpolation_Time Shift_Short
Robot_Vic_Stimulation Stim_01
Robot_Vic_Tread_Spin_Speed Robot_Vic_Tread_Drive
Robot_Vic_Tread_Speed Robot_Vic_Tread_Backward

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