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If you find that you wish to display text on Vector's display, you probably will have to create a picture with the text pre-rendered or create PNG's for the glyphs. Vector doesn't included a "nice" font internally to display text. He does include a few of the digits, to display the weather, and fault codes.

The typefaces you can consider are:

  • Avenir is your best bet. It is the font in the Cozmo style guide, and included in the Cozmo mobile app. “Avenir is a robust font that comes in many weights. It provides us with a timeless elegance and a rock solid foundation.”

  • Arial is recommended (by the Cozmo style guide) when is Avenir isn’t available. You can compare here

  • Eurostile is the classic font used in science fiction, such as WALL-E, the Incredibles, and so on. It is more square than Avenir. You can compare here

  • Anki had their own graphic font, which is clean, sans serif. Not sure where a TTF or OTF can be found

  • Univers is the typeface Anki style guide recommends to use if the "Anki typeface" isn’t available. It is very similar to Avenir. Avenir has a few more flourishes. You can compare here

  • TT Norms. The Vector style guide says to that the tagline "The Robot to Life With" is set in the font TT Norms. This is also very similar to Avenir. You can compare here