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Behavior Tree

Vector Behavior Tree v1.0.1 Figure: Vector Behavior Tree v1.0.1

Note: all of the behavior related files are in the following directory, and sub-directories:


Habitat: I am not sure if this term refers to the desk / table in general, or is specifc to the Vector Field (tray).

These are not referred to by the rest of the behavior tree, but the names are in libcozmo_engine. I am not sure if these are unused, or invoked internally by the C++. If they are, the C++ should be refactored to use the behavior tree.

Self-maintenance behaviors

Self-maintenance behaviors:

  • Startup related to Vector turning on and settig up the behavior tree.
  • Power management related to turning on and off, initiating return to charger when the battery is low, as well as self-protection behaviors like very low battery, and over temperature.
  • Reacting to environmental conditions while driving around
  • Drive home
  • Communication trouble behaviors are invoked when Vector can't connect to a Wifi SSID or can't reach the voice server.
  • Quiet mode related to Vector being quiet -- not interacting with a person or toy, but also not asleep.
  • Sleep

Social behaviors

  • Petting
  • Being held
  • Playing
  • Helping out
    • Question-Answer
    • Timer
    • Weather

Toys and Accessories

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