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Vector Resources

This is a wiki for gathering and sharing information about Anki Vector

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See also this other Wiki by Xanathon

Games and Things you can do with Vector

Personalizing Vector

This is for notes on how to customize or personalize Vector. You may have to consult the How-To's below.

See also: the forums


See also the troubleshooting at DDL's site:

  • Troubleshooting Vector's Connection
  • How Do I Find Vector's Serial Number?
  • Why does Vector need a 2.4 GHz network?
  • Vector does not understand me: Troubleshooting Speech Recognition
  • What Do Vector's Back Lights Mean?
  • Why does Vector show an error?
  • Troubleshooting charging issues
  • Why is there no sound?

Service Guide

Collected notes on repairing or modifying Vector.

  • Assembly and exploded view diagrams. I am a sucker for exploded diagrams and drawings.
  • How to update software
  • How to clean wheels/sensors
  • Where to get parts -- treads, etc.
  • How to replace the battery?
  • Boards?


These try to tell you how to accomplish particular tasks.

Some highlights:

Developer documentation

These are reference documentation for programming tools to use Vector. Some of them are for the remote-access SDK's.

Technical Reference Manual

  • Details on how Vector works
  • Main architecture of the design (not necessarily the code though) and how it works
  • File system structure, files, formats and contents
  • Communication protocols

Programmers Guides and Examples

The main PC/Mobile SDKs are:

See the SDKs page for more repositories and other resources.

WebViz and Console Variables

"Pure" Developer builds of Vector software contain an HTTP API and webserver. This shows what it is, how to use it, and how it works.

The Communication Protocols

The communication protocols Vector uses to talk to the cloud. (Several of the protocols were specified with gRPC and Protobuf. The information here was reconstructed from binaries, WebViz, logs and other sources. It is hoped to allow reconstruction of significant portions of the Protobuf specification. If the source protobuf specification files do become available later, these can be used to comment them.)

Vector Enhancement Proposals

These are proposals for changes -- enhancements -- to the modules on Vector.

Some highlights:

Historical Bots

This is a place for info about robots that were part of Vector's evolution, but are products in their own right.

  • DVT1-4 bot info
  • Whiskey info
  • Bingo info
  • etc

Stuff to help collaborate


These provide tips/suggestions on style, naming. They are related to the "How-to's" but they don't walk you thru to a specific goal. For instance, some might describe how to a do a particular style of design or implement a kind of behavior.


  • Recommendations for sound event names
  • Steps that a design/process can do to meet the spec

Good title:

Bad title:

Writing guide.

  • Other writer guides - Show how to do something in general, like a tutorial
  • Document and show off how you built one of your projects Background: This is a note I made for myself to guide me on the right tone, help with consistency and give me some direction.


To help get started with creating a new entry, the document-templates folder includes some start files that can be used as templates when creating new documents: