Randall Maas

Contacting Me

phone425 444 5611
mail634 Providence Ct
Chaska, MN 55318
resumehttp://randym.name/2020-3 RandallMaas Resume.pdf
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Projects and Work

Some things that I have written

I tend to have a variety of projects -- both professional and hobby -- going on. Below are a sample of some.

Project/Source codeArticles
Objective-C/openCL/openGLA project to visualize the wind flow throughout the earth. Source Code
Demo 1, Demo 2
C/C++2010 EmbeddedSpark contest. In 2010 for fun I made a WinCE MP3 powered boombox, controlled by a webcam, and submitted it to Microsofts EmbeddedSpark contest. I made three write ups -- the orignal Entry proposal, a longer writeup on its operations, and and some notes on how the webcam HID interface was implemented.
Finally, a YouTube demo video of me operating the device.
C#, DirectShow Paint With Light : a fun tool to allow creating a graffiti like pictures with a penlight and a webcam. It can paint on the video stream from a camera, a movie file, or on a still image.Write up for Microsoft's Coding4Fun
C#, DirectShow Skype Side tone: a tool to provide headset feedback and gain control for Skype.Write up for Microsoft's Coding4Fun
C#, P/invokeMonkey Fuzz: stress tests an applications User Interface. It pretends to be a "monkey" on the keyboard, sending random button press and mouse events to a program.
C#, P/invoke Gremlin: Halloween prank to mischievously grab windows and move them around. Primarily moves windows around, shakes the screen, sends random keyboard and mouse events. Write up for Microsoft's Coding4Fun
It got a mention on the Channel 9 show
CAH-TTY A help-ful terminal emulator. Automatic helper for command prompts and shells. Internally ah-tty is a terminal emulator with a lookup engine. The terminal emulator portion is responsible for manage the display and user input. This input is matched against patterns in a database, which trigger the display of appropriate messages.
Text to speech Text to speech This is text to speech written in Commodore 64 basic for the SPO256-AL2. ~1985-1986. Of historic interest only.
I'll list a bunch of the other projects, including the embedded projects up here.. someday soon