Control the critters with buzzwords!

Randall Maas 10/23/2013 11:57:43 AM

So, now that the critters can be controlled, how can we control them with the buzzword of the day?

The neurostimulator can control the critter.. and the neurostimulator be controlled by wires. So, why not the Raspberry PI control wifi? This spring finally it became (sorta) practical to put node.js on a raspberry pi, so we can up the buzzword count further with javascript!

We can go further: node.js  and arduino!

Node.js can control "bots" using the nodebots project. Their schtick is to have the node.js on the PC, and connect to an arduino which does the "embedded stuff". Like twiddling the GPIO control lines. Perhaps attach the lines to the neurostimulator, or perhaps have the arduino do the wireless.

The nodebots project even includes some example node.js robots. It seems most (all?) use the Johnny-Five node.js module.